About Us

INNOVOCEAN Inflatable Boats                           

INNOVOCEAN Marine is a quality driven, design and manufacturing company. Founded by a group of highly educated engineers, we have more than 60 years of combined experience in the marine industry. With our expertise, we have a solid understanding of boating needs. 

Started from the Engineering Innovation Center of a Canadian university, Innovocean Marine is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to resolve problems in marine industry. 

In 2016, INNOVOCEAN Marine became incorporated with one of the biggest boat manufacturers. We are partnered with  the supplier of many globally renowned inflatable boat brands, who also holds the larggest market share in this industry in Asia.

As our own factory is governed with Canadian quality control and management, INNOVOCEAN Marine provides top quality inflatable boats abiding to Transport Canada Standards, ISO and CE standards. 

INNOVOCEAN Marine builds boats with sophisticated engineering design using high quality materials and step by step control.

We strive to continue improving our boats with customer centric design!

The Showroom of INNOVOCEAN Inflatable Boats in Oakville Ontario